• I. Célia .2013


    Age : 14 ans
    Student at the Paris Opera School

    • How did you start dancing ?

      I started dancing when I was 4 in a small ballet school but I really started dancing ballet at 8, in a school near Bordeaux. My ballet teacher, Valérie Simonnet, taught me the precision and strictness of this art that brought me to the Ecole Superieure de Danse de Cannes Rosella Hightower. I have discovered contemporary dance and met many teachers from all over the world. At 12, I failed at the Paris Opera School so I joined a special ballet school nearer to my parents where my teachers Martine Chaumet and Christian Comte taught me the repertoire ballet. Then, I tried again for the Paris Opera School and this time I got in!

    • How was your audition to join the Paris Opera School?

      There are two steps. The first step is a physical test, the second step is a ballet lesson. During the second step there were only twenty girls. I was very nervous but the lesson was really nice even if all the dancers mistaken on a jump exercise! Then Mlle Platel announced the results, I was the first one to be called. I was so relieved as it was my last chance. I joined the ballet school in 4th division as an "intern" for a year.

    • What’s a typical day like for you at the School?

      We wake up at 6.45 am, then we have school from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm. We have 1 hour 30 minutes to have lunch and get then prepared for class. We have a ballet class from 1.30 pm to 3 pm, or from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm (with a a break of 15 minutes at 3 pm). After our snack, we have special lessons like anatomy, history of dance, theatre, character... until 6.30 pm. We have dinner around 7 pm, then we have to go to bed depending on our ages (last year it was 9.45 pm and this year it's 10 pm).

    • Your favourite ballet?

      My favourite ballet is Don Quichotte. I think that this ballet is a nice mix of technique and art, besides the spanish energy is really lively! I had the chance to see the full dress rehearsal with the school and I was very impressed with the dancers.

    • Who are your favourite dancers?

      I love the spirit of Dorothée Gilbert and Josua Hoffalt.

    • What do you prefer in ballet?

      I like the way how dancing and music are related and give pleasure to the audience.

    • How do you prepare before going on stage?

      Generally I rehearse in my head all the choreography and a take a slow breath before enter on stage.

    • Your dream?

      My dreams, of course, is being a ballet dancer at the Paris Opera but I know that is a long way!

    • Model for Merlet in 2013, how was the shooting day with the team? Your feelings? What did you prefer?

      The shooting was like a really show. After a ballet class, I had my make up done and tried the first costume, a wonderful blue tutu! All the team were really nice and I was comfortable with the first photos in the theatre and David, the photographer, made me forget the camera. After a nice lunch, we took some new pictures with new costumes and it became like a game. The day passed very quickly! My best memory was when I went on stage pretending to greet the audience, I had the feeling that I was being applauded.

    • A last word...

      Many thanks to all the Merlet team and to the photographer for this day which was a really nice experience and will give me lovely memories.

  • II. Perle .2012


    Perle is from Limoges. She started dancing when she was 4, joined the conservertoire of dance at 6, then took lessons in a private ballet school.

    • Her work and passion for ballet gives her the right to become a ballet dancer.

    • She joined the Paris Opera School in 2009 and passed with success in 4th and 3rd division.

    • Perle is chosen by Merlet to represent the brand in 2012. Due to her qualities Perle conveys the Merlet values.

    • Perle and Merlet are sharing the same ideas of dancing: love and authenticity.

    • Perle is now in 2nd division at the Paris Opera School where she is making her way. We wish all the best for Perle and hope that one day she will be on of the "étoiles".