40 years for Merlet

40 years of history. The adventure starts in Limoges in 1974. Roger James Merlet creates his first pointe shoes in satin. A great passion that he passed down to his young apprentice Pierre Lassenne, today managing director of the brand. Both are sharing high quality standards and passion for the product. Thanks to this collaboration, they develop the stitch and return technique, presents today in all our pointe shoes.

40 years of relationship with our dancers. The most famous “Etoiles” met our ballet shoes, from Elisabeth Maurin, Nicolas Leriche to Marie-Claude Pietragalla. Since 3 years Merlet accompanies young dancers from the Paris Opera School.

40 years of emotion and sharing. Thank you all, you have made possible this adventure.

We dedicate these first 40 years to all of you and we will continue to share the same passion: Dance

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