Our brand-new stretch soft canvas split-sole soft ballet shoe SYDNEY is made of a unique ‘super stretch’ soft canvas developed by our design office in France. Technically tailored to provide perfect support and hold whilst offering an aesthetical low vamp and profile.

Sydney’s drawstring-free contour reduces pressure on the Achilles tendon and dorsal surface. Combined with sewn crossed elastics,  Sydney ensures a perfect hold in all circumstances providing confidence and comfort.

A breathable soft organic cotton inner has been added for additional comfort.

Sydney’s unique newly-developed form fits like a second skin.

Perfectly finished in a delicate flesh colour that matches our Merlet tights & accessories.




  • All levels
  • Split sole
  • Super-stretch-soft canvas
  • Lowered profile
  • Organic cotton inner
  • Drawstring-free elasticated contour
  • Sewn crossed elastics
  • Width: C (medium)
  • Sizes: US C8.5 – 13 / UK C8 – 10 / EU : 25- 43
  • Colour: Flesh