Entirely developed and produced in our workshop in Limoges, DIVA is unique thanks to its manufacturing process. A high-end pointe shoe, aesthetic, thanks to a 3/4 shank. The sole of DIVA is polycarbonate. This pointe shoe has an microfiber tip that extends its life. Very comfortable, DIVA has a flexible box (the pastry box is developed and used exclusively by Merlet) and a cotton inside. DIVA as a wide and aesthetics platform anti deformation that will seduce you.




  • Confirmed level/Professional
  • Materials : Satin
  • Colors : Flesh
  • Widths : B,C,D
  • Sizes (with 1/2 sizes) : B,C (35 - 43), D (36 - 43)
  • Soles : M
  • Shanks : 3/4