Marion’s interview

Marion de Charnacé, student at the Paris Opera School in 1st division


How old were you when you started dancing?

I started dancing at 5 years old at the Marais center Academy and at 8 years old have been to a conservatory in Paris.

Then I have been admitted to the CNR (now CRR) and I have started a special schedule dedicated to ballet. I stayed 2 years.

At 13 years old I have been accepted to the Paris Opera School in 4th division.


How was the entrance exam at the ballet school?

The exam is divided in two parts:

– The first round is a physical examination. We were by group of four girls. The jury asked for different exercises: the frog (for the turn over), touch the floor (to see the length of our tendons), to walk (to see our coordination). Then we have done “pliés, dégagés, développés “.

– The second round is a ballet class with very simple exercises!

For the bigger classes you have also pointe shoes exercises.


What is your daily routine?

I am a day student, I wake up at 6.45 am every day (same hour as the school!).

Then I have school from 8am to 12pm. It’s the same programme as the “normal” students.

Then we have launch and before class I warm up my entire body. All afternoon we have ballet class and depending on the day different style: jazz, contemporary, history of ballet… We can also have rehearsal, depending on the period we can finish between 4.30 and 6.30 pm.


What is your favourite ballet?

La Dame aux Camélias


Your favourite dancers?

“Myriam Ould-Braham, Aurélie Dupont, Ève Grinsztajn, Agnès Letestu.

José Martinez, Mathieu Ganio, Mathias Heymann


What do you prefer in ballet?

The sensation when you control your body, and of course the stage!


How do you get ready before a performance?

Two hours before the performance, I start to make up and do my hairs. Then I warm up and do usual exercises like I do in class with my teacher: barre and middle!

Exercises on pointes are very important to feel my foot. I dress up and work the hard movement of my choreography.

Before the stage, I stay calm to control my stress.


Which role do you want to dance?

The role of Marguerite Gautier or Manon in “La Dame aux Camélias”


Your dream?

Keep dancing as long as possible!


Model for Merlet in 2014, how was the shooting day with the team? Your feelings? What did you prefer?

The shooting day was really nice, it settled in Elephant Paname. We started at 9.00am. After the preparation (make up, hairs and training), we started the shooting photos. We took the photos in 3 different places. We started by the Juliette studio then the Dome area and finally the gallery.

The place is absolutely beautiful but my best memory was the Dome, the lights were really nice and the atmosphere is very particular!

I was very happy to do these photos!


A last word?

Thank you to all the Merlet team for this day and I hope that the products will satisfy all the customers!

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